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Holic Night features inter-club collaboration


Holic Night, hosted by China Care Club (CCC) and North Korea Human Rights Club (NKHR), took place on April 1 at the restaurant Maakholic. For the purpose of raising money for charity, the event served guests with dinner from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. While Holic Night is not the first charity event of the year to feature collaboration between clubs, it is the first time in two years that a club has organized an off-campus event for charity with students, as well as an off-campus student performance.

According to Eugene Yang (12), NKHR organizer, the event raised money for CCC’s donations and NKHR, and gave students who attended a chance to dine with friends while enjoying performances. Holic Night was situated near the popular Rodeo Street, which gave students an incentive to attend the event. The event also featured performances from NKHR and CCC members, who performed to music.

“We basically wanted an event where people could enjoy and also donate for a good cause so the charity concert was thought up,” Eugene said. “Among the performers were Debora Kim (11), Kiup Lee (12), and David Nam (12), who performed the guitar with vocals. We did have some lack of performers so it would be great to organize something with more time [in the future.]”

The entrance came at a fee of 15,000 won, and also called for students to participate in charity, giving them the opportunity to socialize with friends while the funds go to a center for the poor in China that CCC usually funds. According to NKHR member Eugene Yang (12), seniors mainly organized the event, but attendance was lackluster because of scheduling conflicts with the Korean American Interscholastic Activities Conference (KAIAC) kickoff on the same day.

“I think the late soccer match was an interference with the KAIAC kick-off because of the free hotdogs,” Eugene said. “I guess we could have chosen a better date, to get more support. In the future, it would definitely be nice to see the event continue and maybe even get bigger by involving other international schools.”