New student considers rapping more than a hobby

Within her first school year at SIS, Kay Lee (10) has performed in various school events that displayed her talents in rapping. Kay, who began rapping since she was ten years old, continues to pursue her hobby and also tries to write her own lyrics during her free time. She also engages in other minor hobbies such as basketball and blogging.

“Back when I was ten, one of my friends was a crazy fan of Big Bang so she was always talking to me about their rapper and that was when I first got to know what rapping truly was,” Kay said. “I remember I came across a video of a person rapping to one of Eminem’s song called Superman, so I started listening to it and other rap songs.”

According to Kay, rapping is an easy way for her to express how she feels on the inside. She tries to perform in as many concerts as she can, including the Just 4 You Concert last semester and the talent show at Holic Night.

“Rapping helps me mostly through the hard times,” Kay said. “There are really no words that can express how much I value rapping. It may be a source of entertainment for some people, but rapping is something much more deeper and serious for me.”

In her attempt to write her own lyrics, she tries to depict her experiences including both hardships and happiness. She often finds great joy in discovering people of similar interest, like she did two years ago when she found someone that liked to rap.

“Rather than taking rapping lessons, I try to do everything on my own so that the type of rap I produce is entirely me,” Kay said. “This may sound cliché but I think that the most important thing in rapping is being able to show who you really are through your lyrics. I think this is why I get easily inspired when I read lyrics that are touching.”