File This provides convenience for variety of users

As the school year comes to a close, students are frantically trying to cram for AP and final exams. As a result, their lifestyles become more hectic, making it difficult for them to concentrate because they have to focus on so many tasks at once. It is at this time that students start looking for apps that can help them with organization. File This is an app that is well-rounded; it not only helps with filing papers and documents necessary for studying but also extraneous paperwork, such as financial receipts. By coordinating all into one app, both students and teachers can achieve a more convenient and organized lifestyle.

To start, File This has a system that connects the app to other installed apps, including AT & T Wireless, Amazon, and Allstate. File This does with these programs what Dropbox does with files—it syncs all of them into one place so that the users can have easy access to them whenever they need the service. In addition, the PDF or Word document files the users upload are all saved in one place once again so that users need not use binders or other files to organize their notes. This way, when students want to make time for studying outside of school and study in their spare time in, for instance, the car, then they can easily access their notes without having to carry a bulky binder or pile of papers.

In addition, File This also enables users to keep track of their financial state. This app is different from other organization and study apps previously covered because it can be used for multiple purposes—not only for studying but also for practical matters. For those who want to make sure their savings are intact and ensure that they aren’t spending too much at once, they can take pictures of their receipts, which File This will once again automatically store. This way, they can also keep track of their payments instead of having to pile of them in their wallets.

Even if all the files are stored in File This, however, it can still be difficult to organize the content and information inside the app, especially when the amount gets too large. Therefore, File This also offers users a simple way to sort the information in the app. Users can ‘tag’ the information with key words so that the files or photos come up immediately when they write in the specific words. There is also a function for those who want to share their information—they can user the ‘share’ feature to send it to their friends.

File This is a new, unique type of app that enables users to sort the files in their own way and use them for their own convenience. To assist students and others with their busy lives, File This may be the app to have at this time of the year.