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GIN, UNICEF collaborate to fundraise for Nepal earthquake

Immediately after the earthquake that devastated thousands in Nepal, Global Issues Network (GIN) and UNICEF combined their efforts to raise emergency relief funds. GIN is planning to hold events in the atrium where it will offer interactive coloring activities in return for donations. Meanwhile, UNICEF will take a more conventional approach, using the idea of jar wars. UNICEF will place jars in every A1 period class and reward the class that collectively raises the most amount of money with a pizza party. Through such incentives, both clubs hope to raise funds for Nepal.

“Even though this fundraiser required fast coordination due to lack of time and how unexpected it was, I do hope that students participate actively for the sake of Nepal,” said David Moon (11), GIN treasurer. “It is really tragic how Nepal has already been hit with two consecutive earthquakes. Korea donated a relatively small amount to Nepal for various reasons. Therefore, I hope that fundraisers and organizations like GIN and UNICEF can contribute to the funds being raised.”

Throughout the past year, GIN and UNICEF have constantly been collaborating with other clubs in order to facilitate different projects. For instance, GIN and the National Arts Honor Society (NAHS) cooperated for the Haunted House project, and Tri-M assisted UNICEF in holding their annual student-teacher talent show. The Nepal fundraiser, however, is GIN and UNICEF’s first time combining their efforts.

“Every year, GIN chooses an issue that we try to combat and raise awareness about,” said Cheryn Shin (10), GIN internal vice president. “I feel like the Nepal fundraiser is very well in accordance with our theme of environmentalism, and I have very high expectations for this fundraiser and GIN itself for next year. The number of members has doubled in the past year, and I feel like that is why the club was able to make so much progress. By going abroad and being involved in many different projects, we have gained a lot of experience. I hope this energy also spills over to next year.”

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