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New construction designed to aid student learning


The beginning of the year has begun with students returning to the school facilities. Dr. James Gerhard, high school principal, has brought many noticeable adjustments to the environment such as the new bell schedule and facility changes for the 2016-2017 school year. According to Eun-ji Choi, the high school secretary, the school facilities have had several changes made to better aid the process of education.

Unlike last year, when the school administration drastically renovated the science labs and auditorium, according to Dr. Gerhard, the changes made this year were comparatively less noticeable and extensive but just as impactful to the school community. The lighting of the entire high school was replaced for a better learning environment to help students focus during classes. Unneeded extra supplies in classrooms were moved to the fourth floor of the main building to make more room for students within their classrooms.

“The changes are not very noticeable,” Bright Chong (11) said. “However, I think that by having the different classes together it is better for students to access classes more easily. Through the changes, students can lessen the time it takes for them to classes.”

Besides better lighting and newly created space, many changes were made to the classrooms themselves. On the first floor of the main building, two new classrooms were created, C108 and C109 respectively. Furthermore, the former teacher’s lounge was refurbished into a classroom for the Math Department.

“The administration’s goal in making changes was to maximize the efficiency in the use of school facilities and make more room for the high school that’s always growing,” Dr. Gerhard said. “Last year, many teachers left resulting in empty classrooms and the organization of classrooms to their departments has become easier.”

In the past school year, some classrooms were placed outside of the particular departments they belonged to. However, the abundance of available classrooms has helped teachers gain more opportunities to be closer to teachers of the same department and subject. The administration organized the classrooms to be closer in proximity according to what kind of courses are being taught.

“Above all, the leadership team hopes to create a better and more comfortable environment for students,” said Michael Colaianni, Director of Schools. “It is a win-win situation for both the teachers and the students because they are able to make decisions with each other more easily and students can navigate the school.”