Soomin2: The Search for Stars!


By Soomin Lee & Soomin Chun

As the Chuseok holiday comes to an end and leaves start to fall, you envy the kindergarteners who jump into colorful leaf piles right outside your window while you frantically prepare for your fifth summative this week. The bright, gleaming sunlight you swore you saw just a few days ago seems to have never existed. Yes, summer has unfortunately passed, but we have something just as pleasant in stock for you: three new songs perfect for this season! Take a few minutes to delve into these songs that we’re certain you’ll be able to relate to.

First is an old melancholy tune from hit artist Sia.

Breathe Me – Sia

Although many students probably know some of Sia’s recent songs, not many will know “Breathe me” because it was made nine years ago when most of us were tiny tots. However, this song will never have as much relevance as this period of time with Sia’s voice and melody perfectly portraying how worn out she is from life. She admits that she is “small and needy” and “[thinks] that she might break” since she has “lost [herself] again and [she] feels unsafe.” Her wailing and despondent vocals combined with anxious piano chords in the background will remind you of your own thoughts either studying until the sun comes up or after the fourth summative in a row. Sia’s pleas for someone to “be [her] friend” and “warm [her] up and hold [her]” will show you that you are not alone in the struggle and give you the boost of energy to keep going when you feel like nothing or no one can help you.

Next up is a remix of rising star Gavin James’s song reminiscing his past relationship.

Nervous (The Ooh Song) (Mark McCabe Remix) – Gavin James

James’s clear and crisp falsetto starts off the song, with soothing guitar chords that soon join in the background to create a wistful atmosphere. He continues to build the mood throughout the first verse all the way to the chorus, directly addressing his ex-girlfriend “you” and expressing his realization that “just like every Ferris wheel stops turning / I guess we had an expiration date.” The metaphors he uses not only evoke feelings of sympathy but also perfectly set up the chorus, in which he finally confesses the real reason why he wasn’t able to proclaim his love towards his significant other—because “every time I saw you I got nervous / shivering and shaking at the knees.” The repetitive nature of the chorus and the realistic view James has in describing his past relationship will leave you both addicted and teary-eyed, making it the perfect remedy for anyone trying to start a new chapter in their lives.

Last on the list is a blue-vibes concoction of rap and soulful vocals by Dynamic Duo.

Guilty – Dynamic Duo

From the beginning of the song, rhythmic drums and guitar plucks harmonize with a ambient piano to set up a catchy yet downcast mood that leaves listeners begging for more. The tight emphatic raps in the verses and slow soulful vocals in the chorus alternate to show how wronged the Dynamic Duo feel, always becoming the guilty criminal whenever they get into fights with their partners. Through the rap, the men paint a picture of deteriorating relationships and fights between couples(??), then show their indignance at being treated like “someone who should die,” the Korean title of the song, even for the smallest mistakes. However, throughout the chorus, they show their more disheartened side at “always not being enough for someone as perfect as you.” Although not everyone might be in a relationship right now, everyone still has felt wrongfully scolded for something you did not do or felt hopeless with no signs of ever reaching the level people request of you. Whether it be a conflict at school, home, or at hagwon, release your anger or sorrow with this chill tune.

Thanks for listening, and tune in next issue for more of our Stars!


– Soomin2