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Stores to explore: three stores for the fall


A few days ago, the sun was shining, and it seemed as if summer was never going to end. However, with the turn of the week came a change in the weather—the wind went from a warm breeze to a startling chill, signaling that it’s time for you to reorganize the closet. You pull all the t-shirts and colorful shorts out, and eagerly prepare yourself to replace them with knitted sweaters and fuzzy socks. But in reality, we struggle every year to replace the t-shirts and shorts with fall clothes we really enjoy. But never fear, this year won’t be the same. I’ve narrowed down a list of amazing online stores just for you to ensure a memorable and therapeutic experience shopping for the best season of the year.

  1. Hiphoper

Both a magazine and an online store, Hiphoper is a trendy website for young adults. The website is very easy to access, with guiding tabs separated into gender and types of clothing on the left and with colorful images displaying each piece of clothing. The main advantage of Hiphoper is its wide variety. It contains almost a hundred brands, and when put together the list seems endless. The extensive array of clothing stores available along with their cheap shipping rates will make you immediately fall in love—its easy access and exceptional customer service won’t let you down, either.

  1. MANGO

Already a well-known brand in Korea, MANGO is the perfect place for those looking for casual, trendy clothing to shop online. Like Hiphoper, its guider tabs are very organized, making the website easy to navigate. Clothes are divided into categories as well, and most of them are at affordable prices. There are many items on the website that aren’t available in regular stores, so opt to shop online and you’ll be killing two birds with one stone for sure.

  1. Roots

Originated in Canada, Roots is a “feel-good” brand for any and all individuals. Roots has a variety of different types of clothing, ranging from athleisure wear like sweatpants and hoodies that will perfectly fit into the current fashion trend of wearing athletic clothing in non-athletic settings, to casual wear of sweaters and dresses. Its sizes range from XS to XL, and though the prices may not all seem ideal, the store provides direct international shipping to South Korea at a fairly low price. So in the end, taking into consideration the unmatched comfort of its extremely soft fabric material, Roots could soon become one of your go-to stores for all your clothing needs.

So now that you have your three places to shop, fight the numbing cold of this year’s autumn with the power of shopping. Good luck!

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