North and South Korea: Hwasong-10 Missile explodes


On Oct. 20, North Korea performed yet another long-range missile test, however, exploding after seconds in air. For the past two months, North Korea has attempted their fifth missile launch, firing three missiles toward the Sea of Japan. The other two missile tests, including the last missile test, have failed, landing near an airport near North Korea’s North Pyongyang province.

“I know that North Korea increased their missile testing sharply over the last year mainly under Kim Jung Un’s rule” said Jonathan Ames, high school social studies teacher. “I think North Korea is flexing their muscle mainly because of their economic sanctions against them as well as addressing intimidation techniques that they have been doing for years. It is not a new topic, but their amount of testing is worrisome.”

North Korea’s Hwasong-10 missile, Musudan, is the only long-range missile that can reach the US military bases in Guam, US, and South Korea. According to The New York Times, Musudan was considered a success by South Korean and United States officials and experts, as it was first launched in June and flew about 250 miles before exploding. However, the October missile exploded shortly after its launch on Saturday, informing officials that North Korea is yet to perfect their Hwasong-10 missile. As reported by CNN, the several launches have made the South Korean government take stricter steps to safety regulations regarding future missile attacks. The South Korean government has been drafting safety regulations to deploy the US missile defense system in the South as North Korea claims to be recognized as a nuclear state.

“In the 80s and 90s, the school used to be apart of the US military drills,” said Hye Yong Min, Chief of Communications. “ However, there have been less likelihoods for any natural disasters or terrorists attacks, decreasing the frequency for the drill evacuations. If there were a drill evacuation, it would be similar to any natural disaster drills. The school has been preparing for announcements and drills for future references.”

As stated by CNBC, South Korea condemned the missile launch as it violated the UN Security Council resolutions that ban any ballistic activities by North Korea. Surrounding countries such as Japan have also condemned the ballistic tests, as Japanese officials strongly protested the nuclear tests. According to Business Insider, China has mixed reviews on the issue, however, most are in support of the missile testing. A few Chinese experts believe that the missile testing shouldn’t be supported as it may threaten their country, while others believe that supporting North Korea with keep China on their good side as the China’s views on the North Korea’s missile testing is due to the US. The US has been strengthening their security by working together with Japan and South Korea as the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) stated the North Korean missiles are no threat.

“I feel like in the past we have not been strict enough with our responses to the missile trials” said Nick Yeo, student in high school social studies. “I think that we should be much more active when they do threaten our citizens or our territory, similar to Japan and China. The neighbors of North Korea should prepare regulations for the safety of their citizens. ”

As South and North Korea’s long tensions continue to rise and worsen, North Korea only continues to conduct more missile tests. To confront this issue, American and Korean specialists plan to develop regulations and laws to ensure the safety of South Korean and United States citizens.