Soomin2: The Search for Stars!


By Soomin Chun & Soomin Lee

Without any prior notice, golden leaves start to gently float down while the clear autumn sky is replaced with turbulent chilly winter winds. The layers of clothing you bundled yourself in this morning don’t seem to do any good while you wait for the bus, and you note your breath is completely visible in the air—a clear sign of the changing seasons. Yes, winter is just around the corner! To help you cope through this chilling transition, this issue, we bring you three songs that will warm your hearts up right away.

First, a nostalgia-inducing song by a classic American rock band, “Panic! At the Disco.”

The End of All Things – Panic! At the Disco

From the very beginning to the end, a series of piano chords resonate, oscillating between major and minor to create a calming atmosphere that induces both happy and sad feelings at the same time. This song, which is sure to tug at your heartstrings, was actually used for band member Brendon Urie’s wedding vows, and contains deep and meaningful lyrics like “In these coming years / Many things will change / But the way I feel / Will remain the same” that declare his unchanging love. The vocals harmonize together in a way similar to a church chorus, but with ever more soul and emotion. Although there aren’t that many lyrics in the song, the simple combination of a few instruments and the band’s melodious harmonies somehow make your heart swell with an amalgam of emotions. Don’t fight back against them, just sit back and let the feelings wash over you as you reach a peace of mind.

Second is a heartwarming song by the winner of the 2012 X Factor, James Arthur.

Say You Won’t Let Go – James Arthur

The song sets up a calm atmosphere off the bat with a few bars of guitar chords. James Arthur’s voice soon joins in and he reminisces about his first encounter with his significant other, where she “lit [him] up” and “made [him] feel as though [he] was enough.” His mellifluous voice perfectly complements the guitar chords in the background, with his voice and the guitar intertwining into one to create harmony. Arthur continues to sing of his loved one up until the chorus, where he confesses his enduring love for her and how even though he “knew [he] loved you then, he played it cool when [he] was scared of letting go.” In essence, his sweet confession along with the mellow tune will surely make you smile and press the replay button over and over again.

Finally, a song with a soft and sparkly winter feel by American duo Twenty One Pilots.

Oh, Ms Believer – Twenty One Pilots

Although it isn’t December yet, this song is an early treat to remind us all about the approaching Christmas festivities. This star has the most important qualities that make a joyous winter song—sleigh bells and an upbeat tune—but if you listen carefully the lyrics hold slightly bluer meanings with the duo singing “We get colder / As we grow older / We will walk / So much slower.” The singing is as clear as laughter on a crisp, cold, snowy winter night and the swinging beat will leave you rocking back and forth at a relaxed content pace. Again, like the first star, this song does not have many lyrics either, but the quiet instrumental perfectly compliments the duo’s voices without drowning them out. At the very end of the song, the melody repeats twice more with a piano instead of the voices, creating a calming scene of snowflakes twinkling down to the rhythm of the piano.


– Soomin2