HSSC strives to improve senior privileges


As the deadline for regular common applications approach, the high school student council (HSSC) is making efforts to improve senior privileges. Although many of their attempts have been deemed unsuccessful so far, the student body representatives are still in the process of finding ways to alleviate the overwhelming stress put on seniors in this time of year.

“We are still at the beginning or trying to implement new things,” said Jay Min (12) senior president. “The biggest thing we tried to secure was exempting seniors from summative assignments during the week of our regular submissions. We thought it made perfect sense, but further discussion with teachers revealed that it wasn’t such a simple issue. So, we ended up not being able to do it, but many teachers individually gave us extensions nonetheless, and we are very thankful for that.”

One senior privilege the HSSC attempted to pass was a policy that would limit teachers from handing out summative assignments the week before the common application due date. According to Jay Min, the HSSC hoped that such a policy would give seniors extra time to work on their college applications, which could significantly determine their futures.

“Dr. Gerhard, HS principal, does not want to set the precedent of when he can demand what the teachers have to do,” said Mr Brodhead, HSSC advisor. “Well, that is my interpretation of it. Students are thinking too narrowly about what senior privileges are. We should not be thinking about whether we can order food on campus, but things that can make them relieve stress in the long term.”

When the administrators rejected this proposal, HSSC members came up with another idea. They proposed that the administration allow seniors to order food and wear open toe shoes on campus so that they could enjoy a more comfortable working environment. In addition, seniors would not have to waste time waiting in the lunch line if they could order food. However, many students in the lower grades have claimed this to be unfair and that they should have these rights as well.

“I have mixed feelings,” Alix Kim (12) said. “Having senior privileges would of course, be awesome. However, there isn’t any logical reason that supports why should have it. For example, having no summative during college apps week is understandable because they consume a lot of time but there’s no logical reasoning that explains why seniors should be the only ones to have the privilege to order food and ride the elevator as it has nothing to do with the college application process.”

Despite failures to put their project into action, the HSSC made efforts to increase the freedom for seniors. The purpose of these senior privileges was to make the lives of seniors less stressful in some ways, and prepare them for their college life as they will have to face similar instances of freedom soon.