Soomin2: The Search for Stars!


By Soomin Chun & Soomin Lee

It’s December, and officially winter. Although we find ourselves having to layer on more and more clothes, a little reminder blinks at the back of our heads–it’s almost Christmas, the best holiday of all! For the most festive of us, this means that it is the season of dancing, warmth, presents, and fun. And even for the least festive of us, Christmas still means three weeks of break from the menial routine of school life that all of us will no doubt enjoy. Congratulations on finishing another semester, and whether you are a bright-eyed freshman or a tired senior, and have a nice winter break! 🙂

First is a Christmas pop song by Ariana Grande, Winter Things.

Winter Things – Ariana Grande

From the very beginning, this song is different from other traditional Christmas songs. Rather than starting off the song with chiming bells and harmonious choirs, “Winter Things” begin with simple ukulele chords and Ariana Grande’s voice. In the first verse, Grande sings of how even though the weather is “feeling like mid-July under the sun” where she is, she is still determined to “pretend we’re at the North Pole” and turn “the heat into an ice cold holiday,” proclaiming her love for her significant other. The ukulele chords that continue to play in the background throughout the whole song add a new, upbeat tone to the carol, and they will surely make this track one of your favorite Christmas tunes to listen to this December for sure!

Next, a song by young rapper Amine that sends vibes to make you start grooving immediately.

Caroline – Amine

The music video of “Caroline” starts off with two men making some small talk, and those few words already expose rapper Amine’s particularly suave voice that makes the rap especially nice to hear. However, the best part about “Caroline” is its swinging beat, made up of alternations between electric blares, a base drum, and a snare drum that create an off-beat rap perfect for nodding your head to. Upon first listen, this song may seem like any other mainstream rap or hip-hop song, but this song is different in its mood and beat. While many other rap songs consist of dark melodies and condescending lyrics, this song keeps a happy and appreciative atmosphere not only through its lyrics, such as “great scenes might be great but I love your bloopers,” but also through its uplifting electric chords. A song that has been choreographed many times for its unique beat, this song will make dancers and non-dancers alike shake their bodies in rhythm.

Lastly, a song appreciating all the Tigers for their great determination and hard work this semester, Appreciated by Rixton.

Appreciated – Rixton

As guitar chords and whistles set up an optimistic ambiance in the background, Jake Roche’s voice provides a great addition to the melody just a couple bars in. He asks his special person to be more optimistic and fully thanks her in the chorus, where he sings about how she was “always the first to take care of [him] at [his] worst.” The best part of this whole song, however, is the pre-chorus after the second verse. Here, he reassures her that he “will pull [her] up” because he knows that “without a doubt / the tables turn around, [she’ll] pick [him] off the ground” just like he did for her. The trust and appreciation the two have for one another will leave you feeling hopeful and ready to accomplish even greater feats next semester.

Great job, everyone, for successfully finishing the first semester, and we’ll see you again in January!


– Soomin^2