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Stuff people say in group projects


1. Wait, that’s my part?

This person is most likely that one person in every group who never knows about anything until the deadline, let alone begins working until literally the last minute. This person irks the rest of the people in the group but you know that communication won’t really help the situation because even if you make an effort to do so, they take forever to respond or just ignore you altogether. I mean, they could’ve finished the entire project on their own and written a heartfelt essay about the art of procrastination in the time they took to reply to your messages. The worst part is when you can clearly see they’re active on Facebook but they choose to remain oblivious to the urgent chats that you send them. If you’re going to pretend like you’ve got way too much on your hands to contribute to your group project, at least do a good job of doing it and commit to your “excuse,” because the only thing that seems to be keeping you “busy” right now is the Facebook newsfeed.

2. Guys, did you see the other groups’ projects? They’re so _____ compared to ours… I didn’t know we had to do such things but we better make some changes!

I know, I know. What other groups do and say always holds greater value than what your own group talks about. So why not make changes according to other groups’ work instead of confirming anything with the teacher? It totally makes sense that you always spend more time discussing about what other groups have done than actually make any progression with ideas generated by your own, right?

3. Let’s finish our parts by 9 *later* Actually, let’s finish by 12. *Finishes right before class begins*

Is it even considered a group project if schedules aren’t being constantly pushed back?

4. Ugh, I had to do everything by myself. Again.

If I were to create a pie chart depicting what group projects taught me, it would look something like this: 10% would be the information I took away from research, 10% would be how to work with others, 30% would be how much I hate working with others, and 50% would be how to do group projects entirely on my own.

Disclaimer: All comments are in good fun. Please don’t hate. Appreciate the humor.

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