HSSC executive candidates prepare for another run


It is that time of the year. While the majority of the students are busy preparing for upcoming tests and project presentations, another small portion of the students seems to be “busy” in another way. The HSSC executive candidates are yet preparing for another ambitious run to earn their positions for next year. As this annual election takes place, it is solely up to the candidates themselves to display certain characteristics that will earn them trust and votes.

Most students here immediately groan when they hear “TIGERS” values. Not because they don’t value each letter, but simply because they heard it too often emphasized. Nevertheless, it is essential that these executive candidates ingrain the significance of each letter into themselves when running. As representatives of the high school student body, it makes the most sense that the candidates have a clear understanding of all six traits that our school chose to value the most at the first hand. The whole process of election and choosing the representative body will definitely be a time to not only reflect back on how we define our school but also to appreciate the standards that uphold the goals.

Another important trait that the executive candidates should consider upholding is their ability to balance between work and leisure. For sure, the chosen candidates will have to set up strict regulations accordingly to confront different forthcoming events. Focusing only on following the rules and organizing some mundane events can, however, create a dry atmosphere around the school. Rather, candidates should be able to balance between real, serious work and rather an opposite facet as well seems to be crucial in creating a lively ambiance that can work to improve the overall atmosphere of school as well.

Undoubtedly, certain characteristics such as leadership, responsibility, and outgoing presence should be a prerequisite for those embodying the whole school. All candidates should have the capability to lead the rest of the student body and be responsible for the actions they take. The moment these candidates decide to run for HSSC, they are officially committing their effort and time to serve the whole student body on their hands.

Each year different candidates present themselves in front of the entire school with distinct qualities and capabilities. The same question resonates every time students line up in a row with their voting ballot and a pencil to mark: Which one? In order for the candidates to completely win the hearts of the rest of student body, it is imperative that the executives focus on promoting the essential qualities of responsibility and leadership in principal.