Upcoming Executive Elections


As the school year is coming to an end, the call for the high school student council executive elections has arrived. With senior members David Choe (12), executive President, Eric Song (12), Vice President, Jiwhan Moon (12), treasurer, and Grace Lee (12), public relations officer, graduating in May, new spots for next year’s executive member board have been opened.

“For this upcoming election, I will value the experiences of each candidate the most because that sets the best criteria for whether the candidate is capable of the position’s duties or not,” said Mr Brodhead, HSSC advisor. “The goal for next year is to make the student lives and community better in the long term that can really transform their lives, instead of only short term benefits.”

For the past year, the executive HSSC members have worked with the school administration to change the SIS social atmosphere by improving the lives of the students. For example, they have made school wide t-shirts with a new sense of unity, redesigned the snowball with more events, senior rights with desired privileges, home game sales with free food, and the school Cartnivore with more snacks. Nick Yeo (11), senior president, hopes this pattern of growing improvements will continue even without the seniors next year.

“To be honest, I am not that concerned for the executive council next year as the current Junior council is doing a great job,” said Nick Yeo (12) Vice President. “Whoever becomes president along with the other positions, I can say with confidence that many things will be done to make SIS become a better community. I believe that they are responsible and dedicated individuals who have pride in the HSSC, and will strive to make the school a better community for all.”

However, the election process will be different this year.  There will be no elections for each position because all candidates will be uncontested. Instead, the Quill and Scroll Club that was always in charge of HSSC elections will make each candidate give a speech and will ask each person a question.  The club has decided to get rid of HSSC debates because in the past years, for most positions, only one person tried out for each position, and they automatically got the position they tried out for. This Quill and Scroll assembly will take place on April 26th.