99 Complaints Against the World: Combat the Snap Attack


I’m sitting down on the school bus, completely exhausted from all the studying I’d done the night before; I had two summatives, one project, and a Chinese presentation due today. I’m about to take a quick power nap to energize myself before school starts. However, in the corner of my ear, I hear a shutter sound; the shutter sound doesn’t stop, and before I know it, I hear the entire bus reverberating of the obnoxiously distinct camera click. I try to hold it in at first, after all, who am I to yell at random underclassmen or upperclassmen to stop taking photos?

Of course, everyone has the freedom to take photos and send them to their friends. Capitalizing on this trend, the popular social media platform Snapchat is on the rise. We can’t walk more than ten meters in school without hearing the click of a camera, in which nine out of ten times is because a person is sending something to his or her friend on Snapchat. Sending occasional photos to your friends isn’t the issue; the core of the problem is when and where you’re sending the Snapchat.

We may have innocent elementary students that take hundreds of selfies in the bus, oblivious to all the stress high school students go through, the bus ride being their sole moment to rest from the burden of schoolwork. In that instance, we can’t blame the kids. However, there still is leeway to be at least slightly considerate of your peers by minimizing the annoying shutter sound we hear every time someone takes a photo.

Yes, I don’t care if you want to document every second of your life and send it to your friend. Yes, you can flaunt the new shoes you bought, or dreadfully talk about what tests you have that day, or even expose your entire life to your public; I will still have no issues. Nonetheless, I sincerely hope that especially in the early mornings when you’re the only person clicking away on your Snapchat camera button, you will be mindful of the incredible amount of annoyance you’re making on the near-zombie status high school students, and feel a bit of sympathy for them.

Until a while ago, I thought I was only being petty by resenting all the camera noises that I heard when I was sleeping in the bus. However, when one of my friends discussed the bombardment of other students taking millions of Snapchats during an early morning bus ride, I realized that I was not the only one facing the issue of camera noise.

On behalf of my friends and peers who might not have the courage to ask someone to limit the number of loud Snapchats they take in the school bus, please, you’ll go through the same pain as we do when you come up to high school.