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Varsity Girls Tennis 17′-18′

Cinji Lee (12)

Whenever we can, we’re watching our teammates’ matches and cheering for them, making sure that they get all the support we can possibly give. In this sense, we are acting as a united team because we’re cooperating and bonding together.

Amy Kim (10)

Tennis is special to me because it’s a sport I genuinely enjoy. I’ve been consistently playing for a long time. I think that tennis opened up a new opportunity for me to bond with lots of people which is also one of the reasons I still keep playing tennis.

Kate Lee (10)

My goal is not only to bring the most wins to SIS this year but also to contribute to bringing the team closer together. I feel like last year, some people may have actually felt a little left out from the team. This year, in order to avoid such instances, I would like to make a more family-like environment in the team.

Kristina Kim (10)

I act as a glue to the team. No matter who it is–upperclassmen, lowerclassmen, or boys–I try to bring the team together.

Unnseo Park (10)

Tennis is special to me because I have put in a lot of time practicing and improving my tennis skills. This year, my personal aspiration is to improve my strokes in general. I also wish to make my serves stronger. As an athlete, I try to bring a more positive atmosphere to the team.

Elin Min (9)

Tennis is a sport my family has played for generations.  which makes it very special to me. My grandfather had numerous jobs throughout his life but one I would like to point out is when he was a professional tennis player.  My father followed the tradition as well, [and now] I feel proud to be continuing our so-called “family tradition.”

Christine Yoon (9)

Some of my personal aspirations are trying to be a good tennis player, understanding the rules of what tennis is, and trying to bond with my fellow players. As an athlete, I bring passion and interest to the sport. I always want to try my best.