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Varsity Boys Tennis 17′-18′

Minki Kim (12)

My ultimate goal as an individual is to follow the footsteps of our former 1st singles players and finish the season undefeated. As a captain of the team, I would like to share all my experiences and knowledge to the team and help them reach their full potentials during practices in order to improve the quality of their games. I look forward to winning the Dragon Cup (first time attending) as well as the KAIAC Conference and KAIAC Tournament.

Andrew Kim (12)

Having two of our captains leave last year in addition to few other players, this season is certainly going to be a tough one. However, just like every year, our goal is to place first in the KAIAC conference and also in the new tournament we are attending in Beijing. Because half of our team has changed from the year past, the most important task would be to strengthen the bonds between each and every one of the players. As the co-captain of the Varsity Boy’s Tennis Team, I will try my best to improve upon the team’s chemistry and help the players maximize their full potential. I look forward to playing aside with a great group of talented individuals!

Noah Chang (11)

My goals for the year are to not procrastinate and use the most of my time wisely. I’m looking forward to learning more about my strengths and weaknesses.

Ryan Hyun (10)

My ultimate goal this year is to beat everyone I play against. Although this is only my second year and mistakes are unavoidable, I believe that my goal is achievable if I try my very best and enjoy every game. I am looking forward to competing in Beijing, despite its unwelcoming pollution.

David Suh (10)

My goals for this year is to achieve admirable results in my AP Biology class. I believe that since the AP class is a level higher than regular classes, I have a strong ambition to do well. Otherwise I also want to have a higher gpa than last year, while being able to be part of the tennis team and forensics team. I’m looking forward see some upperclassman rights and meet new classes and new people, and get introduced to hot girls by my friends. I also am looking forward to establishing the study group that I had in mind for a long time.

Ryan Kim (10)

I want to improve my tennis skills this year in order to be a better contribution to the team next year. I’m hoping to have lots of fun and make great memories with this team that I care about.

Jun-ho Huh (9)

My goal for this year as a new team member for the Varsity Boys Tennis team is to win the KAIAC Conference and Tournament this year. The VBT is also competing in the Dragon Cup in Beijing, where we are competing with KIS, International School of Beijing, and one other Chinese International school (don’t know the name sorry), and I really hope we also can win the competition in China too. My most important goal for this year is to really enjoy my 1st year on the tennis team.

Shawn Yoon (9)

My goals for this year is to get a sense of what being on the varsity team is like. Since I’m a freshman, I just want to get as much experience as I can and get comfortable on the team. I’m looking forward to playing as many games as I can, so I can prove myself on the court.

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