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Where is Seoul’s best fast-food burger?

Danny Donghyun Han , Reporter | November 18, 2022

Seoul is dominated by the following four burger franchises: McDonald’s, Lotteria, Burger King, and Mom’s Touch.  The Korean burger market has been growing steadily. In 2014, the burger industry...

5 people per square meter

Crowd crushes are deadly—here’s how to survive

Sophie Choi, Reporter | November 17, 2022

In light of the Itaewon tragedy on Oct. 29 which resulted in the death of 156 people, it is crucial to know how to survive crowd crushes. If you ever find yourself stuck in a wave of people, don’t panic,...


2022 Midterm determines the fate of US Politics

Paul Moon, Copy Editor | November 17, 2022

Tuesday, Nov. 8, held the 2022 Midterm Elections, the first general election since former President Donald Trump was defeated by President Joe Biden. Unlike polls and projections by political analysts,...

College Career Consulting

Interview: Senior Early Applications

Jennifer Kwon, Copy Editor | November 7, 2022

Q1: How do you feel after submitting your early applications?  “I'm happy but nervous at the same time waiting for results!” - Amber Cheun   “I feel pretty good and lightweight. I feel so...

Do students’ grades really depend on their teachers?

Do students’ grades really depend on their teachers?

Sophie Choi, Reporter | October 26, 2022

Calibrating grades has always been a concern for SIS high school students and teachers, as many students think their grades are unfairly affected by the difference in teachers’ grading standards and...

An excerpt of 곤전어필 exhibited.

Korea celebrates Hangul Day with activities

Andrew Shin, Reporter | October 18, 2022

Hangul Day on Oct. 9 marked the 576th year since the proclamation of Hunminjeongeum by King Sejong, the book detailing the mechanisms behind creating the Korean language. Various organizations hosted activities...

Jinwook writing a physics equation.

Meet Jinwook Shin, AP Physics 1 perfect scorer

Joseph Chun, Reporter | October 18, 2022

On Sept. 17, Head of AP Program Trevor Parker personally congratulated Jinwook via mail for his perfect 80/80 on the AP Physics 1 exam—an accomplishment achieved by only two students in the world....

Running the offense, Mr.Tyvand hands the ball off
Image Source: Alice Lee

Clubs collaborate to set up a fundraiser football match

Danny Donghyun Han , Reporter | October 14, 2022

For the second year running, students and teachers competed in a friendly student-teacher football game on Oct. 6. Beyond providing entertainment, the game also served as a fundraising event with numerous...

SIS cross country runs at Jeju for AISA

SIS cross country runs at Jeju for AISA

Paul Moon, Copy Editor | September 29, 2022

The SIS high school varsity cross-country team took part in the 2022 Association of International Schools of Asia (AISA) tournament held at KIS, Jeju Campus, on Sept. 23. The varsity boys placed third...

New Teacher Feature Q&A: Mr. Halter

New Teacher Feature Q&A: Mr. Halter

Minjae Chun, Design & Production Editor | September 23, 2022

This year, the SIS community welcomes 15 new high school teachers, including Mr. Halter, who teaches AP English Literature and Composition and English 11. In this New Teacher Feature Q&A, Mr. Halter...

Graphic by Sophie Choi (11)

SIS introduces new high school testing policies

Sophie Choi, Reporter | September 7, 2022

SIS has created new guidelines for the 2022-’23 school year to combat the prevalence of academic dishonesty and students’ failure to complete formative assignments. Most rules will apply to all high...

Example of a standing desk

Stand up for standing desks

Paul Moon, Copy Editor | September 5, 2022

I am going to say it: SIS students are not healthy. Many students do not play sports, and even those that do only exercise during the two-month season, then slack off the rest of the year. Immediately...