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Thinking at 0 m/s: Novelty leads fight against Space

TTAdmin | Sep 7, 2015

By Michael Kim and Sang Ho Lee To explore outer space today, sacrifices must be made both politically and financially. Space exploration organizations like NASA are beholden to parent organizations...

Chefs Heat Up Entertainment Industry

Grace Yang | Sep 7, 2015

Recently, chefs have been devouring the Korean television airwaves with their frequent appearances on both cooking and reality shows. From programs with straightforward titles such as “Three Simple Meals...

August/September: News Briefs

Diana Na Kyoung Lee | Sep 7, 2015

Science labs renovated over summer break One of the most significant renovations made for teachers and students over summer break was the revamping of science classrooms. “I get to teach in a larger...

National security threats highlight necessity for safety protocols

Ryan Jang | Sep 7, 2015

Though further conflict with the North has been averted with 40-plus-hour talks, altercations between North and South Korea are increasing in both aggression and frequency. Since the “axe murder” incident...

Race to 2016: Bernie Sanders

Race to 2016: Bernie Sanders

Andrew Ham | Sep 7, 2015

“Excuse me, do you know who Bernie Sanders is?” “Who?” “He’s a presidential candidate for 2016, who works for the common good of society rather than catering to the individualistic needs...

Value of student resources unrecognized, ignored

Grace Yang | Sep 7, 2015

A hagwon a day keeps yelling moms and bad grades away, so goes a common misconception among many Korean students. SIS has provided the student body with a variety of easy-to-access educational resources...

Korean baseball player recognized in MLB

TTAdmin | Sep 7, 2015

After batting an average of .379 with 13 extra-base hits in July, Jungho Kang  was crowned the US Major League’s Rookie of the Month award on Aug. 4. This prestigious title, never before been received...

Varsity tennis teams adjust to new changes

Marie Park | Sep 7, 2015

New courts to practice on, new coaches to practice under, and fewer teammates to practice with—these are among the many adjustments that have been made to the varsity tennis teams. Some changes, such...

Resistance to same-sex marriage demands response

Nicholas Kim | Sep 7, 2015

In a resounding victory for gay rights, the US Supreme Court ruled in Obergefell v. Hodges that states could not refuse to marry same-sex couples. Ruling that “the right to marry is a fundamental right...

Elitism: A Double-Edged Sword

TTAdmin | Sep 7, 2015

Elitism is defined as the advocacy or existence of an elite as a dominant element in a system or a society. As a result, the word is commonly associated with negative connotations such as snobbery and...

Issue 6, Volume 46

TTAdmin | Feb 10, 2015

Issue 6, Volume 46 by sisttonl

Photo by Jasmine Oh (10)

Glancing over the given resolution packet, Jeffrey Heo (9) and Ryan Jang (9)  prepare themselves for the General Assembly plenary session.

MUN team members participate in THIMUN Hague

TTAdmin | Jan 31, 2015

SIS Model United Nations (MUN) attended THIMUN Hague for the first time since 2012, from Jan. 23–30. Though THIMUN was previously cancelled due to concerns regarding the extensive time students spent...