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International Culture Club resumes Korean Classes

Due to schedule conflicts of matching meetings between students and teachers, the International Culture Club (ICC) that teaches Korean to teachers and spreads cultural influence around the school has been inactive for a while according to Justin Choi (10), treasurer of ICC. However, according to… Keep Reading


The norms of a lie

There is no doubt that every one of us lie at least once everyday, whether it is a white lie for the good of the other person or a flat out lie for a selfish reason. However, amongst the lies in society, there are times… Keep Reading


US Politics absent at Super Bowl Performance

Lady Gaga’s performance at the 2017 Super Bowl LI on Sunday, Feb. 5, featured a strong political aspect. In her pre-halftime press conference in Houston Lady Gaga was asked if she would use the stage to try and unify America a few weeks after Donald… Keep Reading

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Pokémon Go strikes Korea

Just when the craze over catching pokémons in America finally died down, it appears that people will be busy throwing pokémon balls again on the other side of the globe. On Jan. 24, Korea released the “Pokémon Go” mobile game, which already took the world… Keep Reading


Popular group I.O.I disbands

On Jan. 23, YMC Entertainment, the entertainment supporting the popular female idol group I.O.I, made an announcement that many fans had been expecting for long, but still came as a shock. They posted on the official I.O.I fan café that after Jan. 31, I.O.I will… Keep Reading

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SIS teachers march for women’s rights

On Jan. 21, a crowd of nearly 1,000 people marched through the streets of Gangnam to protest against various injustices in the world. Emulating the protests that occurred in the United States regarding Donald Trump’s presidency, hundreds of men and women joined the the global… Keep Reading

Global News/News

Ki-Moon Ban drops out of presidential campaign

Former Secretary-General of the United Nations Ki-moon Ban dropped out of the Korean presidential race on Feb. 1 following a series of criticisms by the media and public. Currently, opposition candidate Jae-in Moon leads in poll numbers, followed by unofficial candidate Kyo-ahn Hwan. “It was… Keep Reading


Disney sails a century back in “Moana”

A series of full-length animated motion pictures swept through over last year ranging from the nostalgic comeback of Pixar’s Finding Dory to a recent Japanese hit Your Name. In the midst of this wave of animations, Disney released its latest film “Moana”, the tale of… Keep Reading

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