The Nature of College Consulting in South Korea

By NICHOLAS KIM & JEREMIAH NAM When walking through the streets of Apgujeong, visitors often note the proliferation of plastic surgery clinics and nightclubs that dot the landscape. Yet, hidden amidst this scenery, ubiquitous flyers are strewn across the pavement, underfoot. A casual observer might… Keep Reading

News/School News

Personality Profile: Dharma and Jessica Langham

“You put the ‘international’ in Seoul International School!” The handful of ethnically foreign students at SIS often hear this from the Korean students—if it can even be called a joke anymore, because it has become a mere retelling of the facts. With every new foreign… Keep Reading


Marvel’s new comic sparks racial diversity in Hollywood

Hollywood and its lack of racial diversity has earned never-ending criticism, especially after last year’s #Oscarssowhite movement gained popular support. Over the past two years, significant efforts have been made to increase racial diversity in the media. On Sept. 30, Marvel’s new television series “Luke… Keep Reading


Google releases new phone: Pixel

Amidst the terminated production of the Galaxy Note 7 and increase in sales of Apple’s iPhone 7, Google has released a new line of smartphones in addition to its Nexus phones, Pixel and Pixel XL. This new branch of smartphones from Google looks to compete… Keep Reading

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Typhoon Chaba leaves chaos in its wake

Typhoon Chaba hit the southern parts of South Korea between Oct. 4 and Oct. 5, leaving seven people dead, three missing, and hundreds more affected by the ensuing flood. Recognizing Chaba as the strongest typhoon to hit the country since Typhoon Maemi of 2003, Korean… Keep Reading

Opinion/Opinion Columns

Stuff teachers say to students

Student: “May I go to the bathroom?” Teacher: “ Now? You should have gone during break time.” Well, I don’t know about you teachers but we students don’t plan out our urinating schedules. I would have gone during break time if I knew I had… Keep Reading


500 days and counting: Pyeongchang Olympics

In July 2011, Pyeongchang was chosen to hold the 2018 Winter Olympics after two failed attempts in 2010 and 2014. As it is the first Olympic Winter Games to be hosted in South Korea, the event has generated great excitement among Koreans. Still, many remain… Keep Reading


Demi Lovato’s Instagram comments stir uproar

Thanks to Demi Lovato’s recent Instagram comment, it seems like one of the most universal way of fans showing their love for their favorite singers might fade into oblivion: drawing portraits. Often times, any celebrity-dedicated social network account consists of recreated artwork made with delicate… Keep Reading

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