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Music services release music recaps

Image Source: Spotify Newsroom

On Nov. 29, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Spotify announced their 2023 music replays.

These replays show the user’s top five favorite genres, most liked artists, and other highlights recorded on the platform over the year. The release of these highlights was first popularized by Spotify when it released its first Spotify Wrapped in 2016. 

After Spotify Wrapped became a global hit, both Apple Music and YouTube Music made efforts to provide a similar user experience, releasing Apple Replay and YouTube Recap. 

“I really like Apple’s new recap system because I can stay aware of my music taste,” Rachel Jeong (12), Apple Music user, said. “Also, I think it allows people to find new areas of music to listen to. For me, I didn’t know R&B was one of my favorite genres until the 2023 wrapped came out.”

Likewise, YouTube Music has made unique changes to the original idea from Spotify. While presenting listeners with top genres, artists, and other details, YouTube also takes visuals and colors from a user’s most listened to songs to generate a whole new album cover. 

Spotify Wrapped also has changed from last year, adding two new attributes “Me in 2023,” assigning a listening character to users based on their listening habits, and “Sound Town,” matching listeners with a city whose population has similar music tastes.  

With the release of year-round data, many people have been posting on their social media and sharing their music wraps with friends. “When the data came out, my friends were all posting on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat,” Dominic Hahm (11), music enthusiast, said. “Even at school, everyone was talking about who their top artist was or how many times they replayed a certain song.”

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