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Gym popularity explodes with seniors


An annual trend between seniors is to start working out at the gym after finishing their college applications.

Starting around the New Year, many Korean students (both public school and SIS students) have taken the time to work out in the gym with a personal trainer. Since many have completed, or nearly completed, submitting their college applications, they have relatively more time to pursue different goals.

“Ever since I was 7, people called me the skinny boy,” Junseo Lee (12), a recent gym trainee, said. “I didn’t want to be crippled no more, so I went to the gym.”

Seniors have different reasons for working out. Some are concerned about their health deteriorating from sitting down too much, while others want to build their body for their upcoming spring break trip, the last break seniors have before graduation. Others simply work out for their own satisfaction.

“I decided to begin working out with a personal trainer starting winter break,” Tobias Choy (12), a recent trainee, said. “The workout is tough, but I motivate myself knowing that I will slowly gain more muscle as I work out more.”

For non-athletes, the transition from dormancy to suddenly using their muscles would pose a challenge. Nonetheless, many persevere to consistently work out at the gym, knowing the health benefits.

“I realized I lacked the muscles to carry art supplies and do art for a long period of time,” Eunjong Lee (12), another recent trainee, said. “Since my body and posture was also messed up from studying too late and submitting college applications, I took time out of my schedule to go to the gym and correct those issues.”

With spring sports beginning soon, many seniors may start visiting the gym less frequently. But whether it be sports or at the gym, there is an undoubted rise in the number of seniors becoming active in some form or another.

“I joined track and field to be with my friends,” Erica Lim (12), a Track and Field athlete, said. “I thought it would be a fun way to end my last semester by joining a spring sport, with an added benefit of improving my stamina.”

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