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Caitlin Clark changes women’s basketball forever

(Caitlin Clark)

This year’s recent March Madness has reached an ultimate high for women’s college basketball, and that can all be credited to one name: Caitlin Clark. Most recognized as Iowa University’s point guard, it is nearly impossible to talk about women’s basketball without having to mention Caitlin Clark’s name.

Clark had always been known for her skill; however, it was not until the recent National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) March Madness tournament that her fame skyrocketed. Playing against Louisiana State University (LSU) in the elite eight, Iowa University had people convinced that the game would turn out in another loss, similar to the championships in 2023. To everyone’s surprise, Iowa University ended up winning 94-87, with Clark scoring a total of 41 points.

“Honestly, I had not heard this much about women’s basketball until knowing Caitlin Clark,” Stella Eu (10), basketball player and fan, said. “It has come to a point where I even see NBA fans saying she’s amazing.”

Ultimately the championship game against South Carolina University was a loss for Iowa, but Clark’s hard work and talents could not be denied–at least for most. Along with fame and fans also comes hate, and surprisingly most of it had come from the WNBA players themselves. Most notably, Diana Taurasi, renowned WNBA player for the Phoenix Mercury, had sent a warning to Clark that it would be her time to face reality once in the league. Despite this and talks of her being overrated, it is undeniable that Clark has changed college basketball, and will continue in her career to change the league.

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Christie Hwang, Copy Editor
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