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To the non-connoisseurs of school supplies

As the end of the school year creeps closer, both dread and excitement crawl up the spine while we contemplate how the following year may be. The anticipation for following year is, mostly, puzzling: often times it results in mixed feelings, leaving us clueless to… Keep Reading

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SIS teachers march for women’s rights

On Jan. 21, a crowd of nearly 1,000 people marched through the streets of Gangnam to protest against various injustices in the world. Emulating the protests that occurred in the United States regarding Donald Trump’s presidency, hundreds of men and women joined the the global… Keep Reading

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Annual KIMEA choir festival returns

Over the course of two days from Feb. 17-18 at Seoul Foreign School (SFS), 16 choir students were chosen to represent Seoul International School in the Korean International Music Educators Association (KIMEA) annual choir festival. The National Honor Festival (NHF) for choir took place in… Keep Reading

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