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SY 15-16

Global News/Save Our Society

SOS: Public Speaking Classes

If Martin Luther King had just thought about freedom, segregation may still continued be a reality. If Gandhi had held his tongue and just thought about a free India, perhaps the British would still be in control. Our thoughts only hold value once they are… Keep Reading


Career Feature

Last month, the Counseling Department collaborated with the leadership team and parents of students to bring to the student body a series of career presentations. Some of the most desirable jobs were covered, but with their busy schedules, many of the speakers were not able… Keep Reading

Features/Website Features

The Art of the Lawyer

This interview was conducted by Claire Kim, thanks to Johneth Park, a corporate lawyer at Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP. What were your personal motivations in becoming a lawyer? My father actually wanted to be a lawyer. A long time ago, very few people… Keep Reading

Features/Website Features

The Art of the Diplomat

This interview was conducted by Nicholas Kim, thanks to Yeonghan Choi, the Director General of the Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee in the National Assembly. What should students anticipate as they enter the service? We, as members of the foreign service, enhance friendly relationships with the… Keep Reading

Features/Website Features

The Art of the Lobbyist

This interview was conducted by Soomin Chun, thanks to Dr. Christopher Hansung Ko, Ph.D, who is the CEO of Samsung Bioepis, a biopharmaceutical firm. Did other companies not come to try to block the entry of lower priced medicine like yours? That’s why we formed our… Keep Reading


Daily fantasy sports ban in the US stirs controversy

27 states across the US, ranging from New York to Alabama, decided to ban the operation of various websites hosting daily fantasy sports, a subset of traditional fantasy sports. Fantasy sports is a popular online game format where players assemble and manage virtual sports teams… Keep Reading


The Flint Water Crisis

It was a chilly March evening when LeeAnne Walters woke up to the sound of a blood-curdling scream. Anticipating a burglar, she sprinted upstairs, baseball bat in hand. What she found was not a thief, but something just as shocking; her 18-year-old daughter Kaylie, staring… Keep Reading

Features/Website Features

The Art of the Actor

This interview was conducted by Ariel Lee, thanks to Joonghoon Park, who is an actor, director, and star in the media industry. What were some initial perceptions of acting and how did this differ from reality? When you’re acting as an amateur, it’s really fun… Keep Reading

Race to 2016

Race to 2016: Losers in Iowa

Entering the Republican Iowa caucuses on Feb. 1, Donald Trump looked unstoppable. Topping every poll in Iowa by a margin of seven points, his victory seemed well assured. Only six hours later, his domination in the polls evaporated, ending in a humiliating three-point defeat to… Keep Reading

Race to 2016

What happened to Ben Carson?

How quickly the tide turns in Washington. At the first Republican primary debate on Aug. 6, former neurosurgeon Ben Carson appeared unstoppable. Leaping past other establishment candidates, he shocked political pundits when he placed next to Donald Trump in the national polls. Supportive of the… Keep Reading


Play-by-play: Tigers win match against Chadwick

Preview Having won all the previous games this season and bound to be undefeated once again, the varsity boys basketball team headed for a match against Chadwick International School on Jan. 21. Quarter 1 Minutes into the quarter, the Tigers started pulling ahead with a… Keep Reading

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