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Value of student resources unrecognized, ignored

A hagwon a day keeps yelling moms and bad grades away, so goes a common misconception among many Korean students. SIS has provided the student body with a variety of easy-to-access educational resources in order to enhance students’ writing skills. Specifically, the Writing Center is… Keep Reading


Korean baseball player recognized in MLB

After batting an average of .379 with 13 extra-base hits in July, Jungho Kang  was crowned the US Major League’s Rookie of the Month award on Aug. 4. This prestigious title, never before been received by a Korean, has not only distinguished Kang for his… Keep Reading

Fall Sports/Sports

Varsity tennis teams adjust to new changes

New courts to practice on, new coaches to practice under, and fewer teammates to practice with—these are among the many adjustments that have been made to the varsity tennis teams. Some changes, such as the court renovations, have been going on for a while others,… Keep Reading


Resistance to same-sex marriage demands response

In a resounding victory for gay rights, the US Supreme Court ruled in Obergefell v. Hodges that states could not refuse to marry same-sex couples. Ruling that “the right to marry is a fundamental right inherent in the liberty of the person,” the majority opinion… Keep Reading

Monthly Editorial

Elitism: A Double-Edged Sword

Elitism is defined as the advocacy or existence of an elite as a dominant element in a system or a society. As a result, the word is commonly associated with negative connotations such as snobbery and arrogance. This is not a completely unfounded idea, as it… Keep Reading

Features/Website Features

HSSC Class Election Candidates 2015

Due to the MERS outbreak, the HSSC Class Elections for the rising Sophomore, Junior and Senior Class has been postponed from June 5 to Aug. 21. Take a look at your candidates for the HSSC Class Council of 2015-2016, and click on each banner to watch their campaign videos!… Keep Reading

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