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A bustling, chaotic, and popular attraction, the Super Store in the PyeongChang Olympic Village drew in thousands of souvenir-hungry and intrigued tourists each day. Filled with an assortment of products ranging from clothes to plush toys to even traditional snacks, the store has been a central part of the Olympic visitors, ideal for visitors of PyeongChang to purchase valuable mementos and gifts. Given its powerful appeal to the public, there were questions to be answered as to whether the products available at this store were cost-appropriate, useful, and memorable for its consumers.

Item 1: Olympics Logo Sweatshirt

Available in the traditional Olympic colors of navy, black, red, yellow combined with other trendy shades to create a clean, minimalist design, the official PyeongChang sponsored sweatshirt features details that would satisfy both Olympic fans and fashionistas alike. Priced at 39,000 won, the sweatshirt is made of high quality fabric that offers warmth in chilly weather, perfect for layering or even a standalone outfit. Available in a multitude of sizes, the position of the Olympic logo and mascots differs for each design, allowing the buyer to decide between a range of discreet to vibrant looks.

Item 2: Olympics Mascot Plush Toy

As one of the most iconic attributes of the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, the plush toys of Olympic mascots Soohorang and Bandabi can be found everywhere throughout the store in mini-sized bag chain dolls to super-sized pillows. The bag chain dolls cost 10,000 won each, while the bigger dolls can cost up to more than double that price, at 110,000 won. As special edition products, these 2018 PyeongChang mascot plush toys seem to be a worthy addition to any Olympic collection.

Item 3: Olympic Pin

A longstanding tradition for the Olympics as a whole, pin-trading has become a defining characteristic of the event regardless of the nation in which it is hosted. An entire section of the store is dedicated to pins, which featured the logo of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, mascots, or specific sporting events. As one pin costs between 5000 won and 6000 won, it could be considered a bit expensive. However, tourists desiring a simple souvenir may find them to be a viable option priced appropriate for their high quality.


Strolling around the store and observing its various wonders reflects the diverse atmosphere the Olympics is designed to exhibit. Inviting individuals from eclectic backgrounds, the store succeeded in its purpose of giving tourists and visitors a range of options to choose from in purchasing souvenirs and gifts, despite being crowded and difficult to navigate through at times. All in all, although most of the products were seemingly overpriced, the quality and ultimate feeling of satisfaction once buying them, along with the exclusive nature of the Super Store’s products, arguably make up for this drawback. As such, the Super Store acted as a central component of the Olympics and succeeded in welcoming diverse groups of people with its similarly diverse products.

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