Renovations cause excitement in school


The beginning of August marked the end of the two-month-long summer break, and students and the school faculty avidly prepared for a new school year. Meanwhile, a few finishing touches on renovations were being added to the school campus. The school has been focusing on remodeling for the past two years and has been shaping the campus with remarkable signs of progress. Renovations around the school were primarily focused on areas of the high school building such as the library, Tiger gym, and the school cafe, which was established during the renewal process. These places were a few of the most frequently utilized areas in the campus prior to the renovation, and a myriad number of students have been satisfied with the new adjustments. 

“For the past two years, after I came back from my summer break, I could definitely spot both small and big changes in the school’s interior design. The first day of school is always exciting, but the remodelings that I see as I walk up to my first class heightens my excitement to its peak for a new school year,” said Chloe Lee (10), a sophomore student this year. “I still remember how I was amazed by the new renovation in the library last year. The furniture and the lighting were all very new and ravishing, and I am still looking forward to spending more time there.”

The school library went through a notable renewal project last year and has been constantly developing its interior design to promptly establish a collaborative learning space for the students. In the past, the library consisted only of bookshelves, several sets of tables and chairs, and a small office. While the area previously served as a place only for reading, through the renovation over the course of last semester and this year’s summer break, it transformed itself into an extremely suitable place for students to study and socialize. To reshape the monotonous appearance, the school added round tables and comfortable chairs where students could relax and open up their laptops, read a book, or interact with their peers. Moreover, the most prominent feature of this remodeling was the glass-walled study rooms which were provided with whiteboards, chairs, and sizable desks. The rooms have since been utilized as a meeting room for school projects and are visited regularly by both students and teachers. Lastly, to finish off the refinements, the old and dull lighting was changed to warm and glowing light bulbs, embracing the area with comfort and glinting off the brand new furniture.

“The renovation made the campus into a more student-friendly environment and a cozier space. I think the couches in the library and the study rooms are really great for students to study,” said Megan Lee, English teacher. “The place is really inviting, and it’s really cool to see how the renovation can make such a great difference in school. If I were to pick my favorite renovation, I would choose the cafe in terms of its effectiveness. I usually take my son to the school cafe in the morning, and we buy snacks and smoothies which is very convenient and nice to start the day off with.”

Not only are the refinements of the school’s interior design visually appealing, but the new renovations also bring positive results to the daily lives of the students and the faculty in terms of efficiency and contentment. The school cafe, which was created two years ago at the beginning of the renewal process, has played a vital role in promoting small pleasures. The cafe offers a wide variety of drinks and snacks ranging from milk tea, chocolate milk, coffee to bagels and sandwiches. As a result, during office hours and activity periods, students are frequently seen with smoothies and a slice of bagel which seem to freshen up their minds for their next class. The sofas and tables in the cafe serve as a perfect place for students to quickly add final touches to their school assignments while they enjoy themselves with their choice of menu. 

“On days when I accidentally forget to do my homework, the library is the best place to go and finish my work without any disturbance. During exam weeks, the calm and quiet atmosphere in the library enhances my focus level where I can do my last-minute preparation for an upcoming test,” said Eric Lee (10), a sophomore who frequently studies in the library. “Of all the renovations, I think the school cafe is my favorite. Usually, when I am hungry after my first period, I run down to the cafe with my friends and buy a sandwich and a drink. In the cafe, we sit on the sofa as we eat and chat, study, or play games. This definitely keeps me going until lunch, and perhaps the whole school day.”