HSSC hosts another E-Sports Tournament


The HSSC rehosted the E-Sports Tournament on March 26, after their successful online E-Sports Tournament last semester. The tournament was both held live and virtually, with the League of Legends Tournament online, and Nintendo Switch games that were held offline, involving games such as Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart. 


“Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic last semester, HSSC was able to carry out the E-Sports Tournament successfully,” John Kim (9), member of HSSC, said. “With high student participation, we expect that re-hosting of the E-Sports Tournament will be once again successful, as we have brought again the League of Legends Tournament and many more games for participants to freely enjoy.” 


Due to the popularity of the League of Legends Tournaments last semester, HSSC decided to host this tournament once again. For the tournament this semester, changes were made.. In order to avoid all players with the highest skills teaming up, HSSC implemented the point system, which requires every team to not exceed a certain limit of points based on the player’s highest tier in Solo Rank.  


“We have made slight changes to the League of Legends Tournament,” Steven Chung (12), member of HSSC, said. “To avoid players who have the highest ranks come into one team, we incorporated the point system so that the tournament can proceed in a more organized and fair manner for all participants.” 


Along with the online League of Legends Tournament, there were offline tournaments in the event, consisting of Nintendo Switch games such as Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart, along with online tournaments involving more widely played games among the student body, consisting of Minecraft, Among Us, Skribblio, and online board games. Participants were able to play multiple games whenever they wanted. With such a variety of games in the E-Sports Tournament, more students were able to participate and enjoy their time with each other.