News Flash: Muslim women forced to suppress births in Xinjiang


In order to combat the demographic crisis threatened by decreasing birth rates, authorities in many regions across China are pushing for women to carry more children. However, it is the opposite in Xinjiang, where women are forced to have fewer children as authorities strive to reduce the Muslim ethnic minority population. The increasing use of invasive birth control procedures have contributed to the decline of birth rates in Xinjiang. This orchestra is part of the Communist Party platform that seeks to reach complete ethnic separatism —a perceived challenge to the party’s power. Authorities have said that birth control procedures are optional, but interviews, statistics, and government reports have revealed the Chinese Communist Party employing coercive methods to regulate reproduction. Reproductive rights of minorities are violated as women are pressured to get sterilized or use an intrauterine device. If women are found to have too many children or disobey contraceptive procedures, they face fines or even time at internment camps, which would expose them to much abuse.