News Flash: The breakout of the Israel-Gaza violence


The conflict between Israel and Palestine goes back to over 100 years ago, centering around control over territory and religion. The fighting and violence between Israel and Palestine continued to escalate, until one of the most devastating clashes in seven years intensified on May 11. Rockets from Gaza targeted Southern Israel, and Israel responded by employing airstrikes to hit Hamas positions in Gaza––a militant group viewed as terrorists in Israel. A minimum of 35 Palestinians, including 10 children, were reported dead, while five Isralians were killed as a result of the strikes. The results of the violence reflect Israeli airstrikes aiming for densely populated areas, while the Hamas fails to achieve the same results with its rockets. Israel and Palestine continue to fight under uneven conditions, as the Palestinian militans are armed with rockets, while the Israeli military possesses an atimimissile defense system and fighting jets. Civilians are continuously being killed and wounded as conflict rages, creating increased waves of unrest and anxiety in Israel and Palestine.