GIN hosts annual Halloween Carnival


Jinwook Shin

Justin Seo (12), Nicholas Baik (12), and Joseph Song (12) pose at the GIN Halloween Carnival photo booth.

On Oct. 29, students gathered on the blacktop to attend the annual Halloween Carnival hosted by the Global Issues Network (GIN) club. Despite how the SIS administration prevented clubs from hosting events that promoted student gatherings for the past two years, the decline of COVID-19 cases enabled the administrators to loosen distancing policies.


“By hosting an afterschool event, we hope to bring the SIS community together,” Claire Hahn (11), GIN executive member, said. “Even though we had to change some traditional games like apple-bobbing to abide by the safety regulations, our club was able to execute four main events.”


GIN’s most popular activity was the haunted house. By taking the time to paint and drape black sheets over walls, GIN was able to transform the swimming pools locker room into a horror-themed maze. 


Volunteers also dressed up as ghosts and managed to shake students to the core. Some even left crying. 


“My friends and I had a fun time running around while screaming at the top of our lungs, and it definitely reminded me of the times I had fun as a child,” Hiew Lee (12), carnival attendee, said. 

“If GIN’s goal was to petrify the life out of everyone through the haunted house, I would say that they were successful.” 


GIN also set up a photo booth station by collaborating with Aperture Club. In exchange for 1000 won, students were able to stand in front of Halloween decorations and take a polaroid with their friends, capturing a memorable moment from their high school years. 


Furthermore, D$Q members performed Doja Cat’s “Kiss Me More” and Nicki Minaj’s “Hey Mama.” They were able to pull off a three-minute performance they choreographed in less than a week.


“In the past, because of distancing policies, we were not able to showcase performances as much as we had hoped,” Christine Lee (11), D$Q executive member, said. “But, through GIN’s Halloween Carnival, we were able to provide our dancers with the platform they have always wanted.” 


Finally, GIN members transformed the fitness room into a movie theater and projected the thriller movie Get Out. This was an optimal location for students who wanted to relax with their friends. 


“In light of all this, I was satisfied with what GIN has put forth for the SIS community,” Taejoo Lee (11), carnival attendee, said. “I had such a great time, and I look forward to another Halloween Carnival next year.”