Varsity volleyball and tennis teams end season with finale match


Erin Choi, Reporter

The SIS varsity volleyball and tennis team played their final match of the season on Nov. 13th. Originally, the spring season was expected to end early November. Fortunately, due to the “with COVID-19” scheme initiated on Nov. 1, the season got extended. This provided the volleyball and tennis teams with another valuable opportunity to take part in an inter-school match.

The tournaments were held in Chadwick, so the team members and coaches met early in the morning to ride the SIS buses to Incheon. The tennis and volleyball games began at 10 a.m. and ended around 3 p.m. The tennis team played against Chadwick, TCIS, and GSIS, and each tennis player played 2 matches.. The volleyball team only went against Chadwick.

The boys tennis team achieved the most success at the tournament, winning all their games and proudly securing first place for the second consecutive year.

“I had mixed emotions about this tournament, because whereas I was sad that this would be my last match of the season with the team, I was also happy about winning all my games,” Philip Yoo (12), captain of the boys varsity tennis team, said. “I was eager to end my varsity tennis career on a positive note, so I worked especially hard throughout this season and during the Chadwick tournament.” 

As for volleyball, both the boys and girls teams played fiercely, but lost to Chadwick 3:1. 

“The Chadwick match was only the second inter-school game of the season, so it felt pretty new and unfamiliar overall,” Sarah Yim (11), girls varsity volleyball player, said. “The volleyball teams practiced hard and devoted a lot of their time and effort this season, but without games, it was difficult for us to build experience and skill. Still, we were all glad that we were granted this final tournament.”

During the middle of the volleyball games, the Chadwick sports director had all the senior players stand up to congratulate them and express a moment of gratitude. This tournament provided one last opportunity for fall sports athletes to appreciate their seniors and give them a bittersweet send-off.