Takis rapidly climb the school store ranks


Isabelle Lee, Reporter

On Nov. 29, the school store revealed its newest good, Takis Fuego. This addition has been a response to years of student requests to bring in the fan-favorite snack. By having a quick taste test and discussing in thorough detail, SIS students took on the role of food critics. 

“Although I have yet to try Takis myself, I saw a lot of seniors commenting about the snack recently,” Louis Kim (12), snack enthusiast, said. “Students are really enjoying the exotic and familiar taste of the product, and we are excited to try new snacks as well. I think the addition of Takis also shows that the school store is listening to student feedback and making improvements.”

Despite most students giving positive feedback to the addition of Takis, some students have raised questions about the tasty treats. One of the concerns arose from the fact that Takis at the school store cost 3000 won per bag, a price much higher than most snacks.

“Even though I understand that Takis are hard to find, the price is high considering the fact that the consumer base is mostly students,” Yura Yoon (9), an aspiring food analyst, said. “I think that the Takis sale could be more successful if the price was catered to student budgets. Compared to other snacks in the school store, which are around the 500 won to 1000 won range, Takis are quite the luxury.”

In addition to pricing issues, some students complained that South Korean Takis taste different from those in the US. Students claimed that South Korean Takis are bland and less crispy in contrast to American Takis. To address these concerns, the school store manager contacted the Korean Takis representative.

“When I first heard that our school’s Takis taste different from what students had in the US, I was confused, as both are imported from Mexico,” Kiho Kim, school store manager, said. “However, I found out that South Korea requires some of the pigments and flavors to be removed, causing the differences in flavor to arise. Still, Takis are being loved by both students and faculty here, and I am glad to have been the one to bring it in.”  

Since the arrival of the new snacks, Takis have been the star of all food-related conversations at SIS. Now, in every corner of the school facilities, Takis pervade the atmosphere with their distinct spicy smell. Though the spotlight is placed on Takis at this moment, students look forward to more future school store ventures.