SIS Tigers JV Basketball plays first away game


Bin Ma, Reporter

On January 22, the SIS basketball teams went to KIS for a competitive basketball game. The SIS Tigers, consisting of all four varsity and junior varsity teams, won all four games. The games were extremely competitive considering the rivalry that exists between SIS and KIS. There was also a lot of pressure on the Tigers to beat SFS—its final goal of the season.

On their way to KIS, the Tigers were confident that they were going to win. “For the last four years we played against KIS,” Coach Morgan Miller of the Girls Varsity Basketball team said. “Our JV team has not lost a single game against KIS. And I do not expect that to change today.” 

In fact, the SIS tigers had to deal with a lot of pressure this season because of multiple game cancellations due to COVID cases and having to play with masks on. But that did not affect the confidence of the team. “I mean, although it is KIS’s first game this year,” Coach Steven Nave of the Junior Varsity Girls Basketball team said. “And we won against YISS and Chadwick, and both are very strong schools. But KIS is another good team, and I think we will have to play well to win.”

Under the coaching of Coach Nave, the girls JV basketball team consistently led the game after scoring its first point through a free throw. Grace Choi (10) was the highest-scoring player in the team, scoring 9 out of the team’s 25 points. “Grace was very impressive today with a high accuracy in free throws,” Coach Nave said. “She made half of her free throws, winning the team three additional points.”

Ellen had a really good game against KIS,” Coach Nave added. “She was able to play point guard when Yevene and Grace were not in and she made a couple of really tough shots. I was very impressed. Ellen was the second-highest scoring player on the team, scoring 4 points.”

The SIS team getting to play against many other teams also helped significantly with the team’s teamwork. The team has gotten better after every game, according to Coach Nave. “It is not easy for a team to improve every single game it plays. But every time we were on the court against another school, we have definitely gotten better as a team. I am so proud of their progress. I think we have a really good chance of winning the conference this year.”