MAT hosts Pi Day events

Joseph Chun, Design & Production Editor

During office hours of March 15, Mu Alpha Theta (MAT) held pie-related activities to celebrate Pi Day, March 14––a date which corresponds with the constant π (3.14). 

MAT originally attempted to hold the event on March 14, but due to school transitioning online, the club postponed Pi Day to March 15 to procure time for preparations.

“I admit it was slightly awkward that Pi Day, which revolves around the pun that pi is numerically similar to March 14, was arranged on the 15th instead,” Anika Kurebayashi (10), MAT executive, said. “Nevertheless, MAT did its best to keep up the spirit of entertainment and celebration.”

Specifically, students participated in a pie throwing challenge, a pi memorization competition, a pie decoration contest, and a scavenger hunt.

“Though MAT reintroduced its classic pi recital from previous years, the pie decorating and scavenger hunt were new events for us,” Allison Lee (10), MAT executive, said. “MAT made the events concise and inclusive, allowing passersby in the atrium to freely participate without being too concerned about time.”

Yet, some popular activities and prizes from years prior were replaced due to COVID-19 restraints.

“Amid a time with high COVID case numbers, MAT could unfortunately no longer provide students with freshly cut pieces of pie,” Allison said. “Instead, we prepared an abundant amount of individually packaged pie products, such as choco pie, big pie, fresh pie, and mongshell.”

Overall, many students found the activities entertaining and had a fun time at the event.

“What I enjoyed the most is that I not only got to compete with my friends but also interact with teacher participants,” Eddie Chu (10), Pi Day participant, said. “Pi Day was a great experience––I hope MAT holds it again next year.”