2022-’23 HSSC informational session takes place


Minjae Chun, Design & Production Editor

On April 27, the high school student council advisors held an informational session for students interested in running for office. The session was mandatory in order to be placed on a ballot next semester. 

“I saw a lot of prospective candidates during the session,” Seungkyu Han (11), member of the HSSC, said. “I am excited to communicate with new, aspiring members next year as well. HSSC is truly a great opportunity for students to demonstrate their leadership skills.”

The informational session included guidelines on the election process, the mindset candidates should have, the potential events HSSC will host, and personal insights and experiences from previous year’s HSSC officers. 

“If you are an underclassman, do not be intimidated by the upperclassmen or the peers around you,” Philip Hahm, secretary of the HSSC, said. “Even if you have any hesitations, I really encourage everyone to apply for next year’s election process.”

The official campaign for the 2023 HSSC election cycle will begin Wednesday, May 11. Candidates will distribute their campaign posters and videos around the campus the following Monday. On May 20, the student body will vote for their class representatives and elected council members will be announced via HSSC social media and email on May 21.