SIS students take initiative: hosting their first school-affiliated football game


On June 2, SIS is planning to host a friendly flag football match against SFS. Though there are no official varsity teams for this sport, Samuel Hong (11) has been communicating with the Korean Service for Foreigners (KSF) club, school coordinator Jonathan Ames, and SFS high schooler Daniel Yap (11) to make this event come to life. 

This idea, however, stemmed from Jaewon Lee (11) and Andrew Junho Park (11)’s essay that advocated for better representation of American football amongst international schools as well as KSF’s student vs. teacher football event that took place in October

“Sam first proposed hosting a football event with our club at the start of the school year,” Andrew Jaewoong Park (11), KSF executive member, said. “We pushed to make this event work, since I knew lots of football fanatics at our school.We also felt that this event could allow foreigners—like teachers—create deeper connections with their students. I guess you could say that the ultimate goal was to help foreigners assimilate with Korean students in an entertaining manner.” 

With the intention of making this an official school sport, Samuel also intends on hosting an open tryout later this week for high schoolers wishing to be part of the team. The same will happen at SFS, except their team will be coordinated by Daniel Yap (11), whom Samuel met during the 2021-22 badminton season.

With Mr. Ames’ confirmation, 13 SFS players will arrive at 4:30 p.m. on SIS’ campus, and there will be a two hour 5v5 match. 

“We also intend on ordering food like pizza and hamburgers,” Samuel said. “I want this event to pull through, and I truly think everyone would have a great time getting to know each other better while playing a sport they enjoy.”