AQT plays in first offline tournament at SFS


Photo by: William Hastings

The Academic Quiz Team (AQT) participated in their first offline tournament since the COVID-19 pandemic on Sept. 17.

AQT enters this year with a new coach and a different team with the graduation of key members and new additions.

“There’s always a fear of the new and if we’re going to be a good team,” William Hastings, AQT coach, said. “However, there’s also an excitement in a fresh slate for growth and to get to meet new people.”

SIS Team A played in three rounds and placed third following a close loss to SFS Team B and a victory in the runners-up round. Team B was eliminated in the second round and Team C was eliminated in the first round.

“Considering we had so many players missing, it went pretty well,” Peter Kim (12), AQT captain, said. “However, we do need to balance the teams a little bit more so that teams can cover all subject areas such as STEM, Literature, and History.”

The team looks forward to the rest of the season and is hopeful for better performances without the absence of key players.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the new members, who may not have had a lot of experience with AQT,” Peter said. “With enough practice and studying, our team could do very well this season.”