First MUN conference of the year


NBMUN delegates in DISEC

MUN members had their first conference of the year on Sept. 18, participating in No Borders MUN III (NBMUNIII). 

The conference was held online, with 30 different schools participating. There were five separate committees within the conference. 

A total of 19 SIS students participated in the conference, including both experienced and inexperienced students. Many of the participants were freshmen experiencing their first MUN conference in high school. More experienced members mostly took chair positions and monitored the event.

SIS participants ultimately performed well, winning several awards. Amongst the five committees, SIS students received five awards and won the outstanding delegation award for the whole school. 

In the Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) Hyunseung Eric Cho (10) won Best Delegate (Russia), Eric Kim (10)  won Outstanding Delegate (China), and Saewoong Ian Park (11) won Honorable Mention (UK). In the Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN)

Jason Baek (11) won Honorable Mention (Russia). Finally, in the Social, Humanitarian & Cultural Issues (SOCHUM) John Kim (11) won Outstanding Delegate (China)

“The NBMUN was an interesting experience because I could collaborate with new delegates I’ve never interacted with before. Overall, I think NBMUN was a great start to the following conferences in the year.” Jason Baek(11), NBMUN delegate, said.