Brutal subway murder shocks Korea


Image Source: Newsis Sindang Station

On Sept.14, Jeon Joo-hwan killed a woman after stalking her in the Sinsadang station. Jeon waited at the station, where the victim worked, for approximately one hour and 10 minutes. Then, when she entered the bathroom, he followed her inside and stabbed her with a prepared weapon. 

The victim was immediately transported to the hospital but passed away at 11:30 p.m. on the same day. 

Korean citizens were shocked by the murder due to Jeon’s audacity and shameless attitude. The murder took place in a public area, and he did not attempt to run away afterward. Though he mentioned his grief in the following interviews, many were quick to point out his lack of sincerity in tone and behavior. 

“When I first heard the news, I was terrified because I always ride the subway and couldn’t imagine a murder happening in such a public space.” Sean Kim (10), an avid news-reader, said. “I was also shocked because Jeon didn’t seem to have a clear motive, so I couldn’t understand his actions.”

Previous to this murder, Jeon was already sued twice for stalking the same worker for three years. On Aug. 18, Jeon received a nine-year sentence for spycam voyeurism, and he was meant to begin serving his sentence the day after the murder. 

Jeon reportedly carried out the murder because he wanted to get revenge before he went to prison. Once again, Korean citizens were shocked by his cruelty and open violence.