‘Little Women’ is everyone’s new favorite show


The main actors of “Little Women” feature in the show’s poster.

The Korean drama “Little Women” is becoming increasingly popular with every aired episode, receiving praise from its audience for its mystery storyline and exceptional actors.

Originally a novel by Louisa May Alcott, the drama is not necessarily an accurate remake of the story’s plot. The drama follows three sisters who grew up in a poor household and later become affiliated in a case that forces them to fight against the wealthiest family in South Korea. 

The actresses playing the three sisters,  Kim Go-eun, Nam Ji-hyun and Park Ji-hu,  have been praised for their extraordinary embodiment of the characters they portray. The acting is a major factor contributing to the drama’s praise.

“I think the actors all had very good acting, and each of their performances in the show was really captivating,” Jennie Koh (11), a viewer of the show, said. “In particular, the scenes with the sisters talking about their struggles, such as In-ju [the oldest sister played by Kim Go-eun] talking about how she wanted to provide for In-hye [the youngest sister played by Park Ji-hu] were very heartwarming and emotional to watch.”

Korean netizens have also complimented the storyline of the drama, with many reporting that they felt like they were watching a movie because of how fascinating the story is. The viewership ratings show how popular the drama is becoming with each episode—the first episode with a 6.4 percent rating, 8.3 percent rating for the latest. 

The main actresses themselves have been interviewed about the main appeals of the drama. Kim Go-eun said that the “visual beauty” is one of the most unique points of the drama, as well as the “amazing chemistry” of the actors. This chemistry between the three actresses in real life was evident in the same interview when they were asked to describe each other’s first and current impression. “I first thought that she [Nam Ji-hyun] was a model student type, but as we filmed together I realized that she’s the brightest person in the world,” Park Ji-hu said. “She emits so much positive energy.” 

Since fans love to watch co-actors interact behind the scenes, the friendship between the actresses bought the hearts of many. 

“After I watch a drama I always watch the actors’ interviews because it is always interesting to see their real relationship,” Yoonseo Kang (11), K-drama fan, said. “When I watched the three actresses interviewing together, they seemed like actual sisters and it was very nice seeing how well they got along with each other.”

With the help of platforms like YouTube Shorts, which allow people to watch minute-length videos, “Little Women” gained exposure to a large audience. People who do not actually watch the drama are able to watch short clips on YouTube Shorts, and even these short videos carry strong cinematography. 

“I have watched a short clip of ‘Little Women’ on YouTube, and even though I had no idea what the plot was about, I could feel the emotions of the actors through their dialogue,” said Stella Chae (11), a casual K-drama viewer. “The way the actors delivered their lines was impressive because they seemed so immersed in their role.”

Carrying a unique storyline that is expertly executed by its actors, “Little Women” currently ranks third in South Korean TV Shows on Netflix, and it is expected to become increasingly popular as its story builds up to the climax.