Advanced sports and recreation’s bowling unit


ASR students go bowling at Garden 5 “Spin Bowling”

From Sept. 13 to Sept. 23, students in advanced sports and recreation (ASR) had a bowling unit at Garden 5 “Spin Bowling”, a center near school. For five consecutive classes, ASR students departed campus immediately after their first period in order to arrive back in time at 11:10am. 

Adam Yannakakis, the ASR teacher, will reference a progression report students fill in after each class to determine their summative score. Students have logged their bowling score for every first game in a document in order to observe their improvement throughout the unit.

“This unit was very stress relieving,” Seungkyu Han (12), ASR student, said. “Because we were not necessarily graded on our bowling skills, I believe everyone enjoyed their time. As a senior, I find it difficult to find time to exercise and have fun, but this bowling experience provided me with the time to do both.”