40th KBO Draft garners a positive response


Prospects waiting for the draft to begin

The 40th KBO draft took place on Sept. 15 with 1165 applicants, among them 793 high school students, 359 college students, and 13 international prospects. 

The 2023 draft gained extra attention because it marks the beginning of KBO’s 40th anniversary season and was newly expanded to a total of 11 rounds, meaning 110 players were chosen by the 10 teams. 

“I think drafting 10 more players will enlarge the pool of players.” Dominic Hahm (10), LG Twins fan, said.

Following the draft, critics argued that the overall draft class was strong, but lacked talented left-hand pitchers. 

“Overall, I think we have major pitchers in this draft but there is definitely a lack of strong left-hand pitchers.” Shane Paek (12), Doosan Bears fan, said. 

Per usual, the first round and second rounds garnered the most attention. In these rounds, a total of 15 pitchers out of 20 players were chosen. For many teams looking for potential ace pitchers, the 2023 draft class provided a great opportunity.  

Kim Seo-hyun was the first overall pick by the Eagles. He impressed scouts from all KBO teams with his controlled, exceptionally fast 97 mph fastball. The spotlight was on him throughout his entire high school career, and he was chosen as a member of the Korean national U-18 team.

Another member of the U-18 team, left-handed pitcher Yoon Young-cheol, was drafted by the Tigers second overall. “His ability to throw different curve balls and organize plays on the baseball mound is special,” Shane said. 

Finally, Kim Min-seok was drafted third by the Giants. Kim has been recognized for his strong contact ability with difficult pitches and his ability to discern between a strike and a ball. 

After the draft, most fans were satisfied with the results, commending the amount of pitching depth and infielders. Especially because many players seemed pro-ready, fans are hoping to see them in the following season.