Clubs collaborate to set up a fundraiser football match


Running the offense, Mr.Tyvand hands the ball off Image Source: Alice Lee

For the second year running, students and teachers competed in a friendly student-teacher football game on Oct. 6. Beyond providing entertainment, the game also served as a fundraising event with numerous clubs collaborating and selling different foods and drinks.

The football game had four 15-minute-long quarters, and ended in a blowout win for the teachers, with the students losing 70-21. 

“I think the students could have definitely played better, especially on the defensive side, but overall, it was a fun match to play for everyone.” Samuel Hong (12), student quarterback, said. 

Though the game was not close, many students enjoyed participating in the various club activities surrounding the game. Prior to the match, the United Youth Service Club (UYSC) hosted a basketball game and the Habitat for Humanity club (HFH) arranged a water gun game. 

“Many of the students focused on the mini-games, even during the first half of the football game. But after half time, students shifted their focus to the game,” Erin Ryu (12), Korean Service for Foreigners club (KSF) public relations officer, said.

Many other clubs were also involved in organizing the game. KSF was in charge of most of the preparation: they contacted students and teachers who were interested in playing. They also hung up posters around the school and made a morning announcement leading up to the game.  

The Helping North Korean Refugees club (HNKR) added to the event by inviting North Korean students to watch the American football game and interact with SIS students. They also gave out free food, such as pizza, to the student refugees.

“I think the event was a massive success because both students and teachers came up to us to show gratitude for hosting the event. Our goal was to set up a large collaborative event with other clubs, so I think we were very successful,” Erin said. 

There are plans to host future events similar to the football game during the second semester.

“It will take a lot of work like the football match which required us to call in several clubs at least two weeks before Oct. 6th, but a future event could definitely be beneficial and even more entertaining,” Samuel said.