SNL attacks Try Guys


SNL skit of the Try Guys

NBC’s Saturday Night Live (SNL), known for its satire and comedic skits, aired its skit, “The Try Guys,” on Oct. 8. The skit, in response to the video “What Happened” by the Try Guys, mocks their reaction to the affair between their former member Ned Fulmer and his subordinate.

The skit framed the reactions of the other three members—Eugene Yang, Zach Kornfeld, and Keith Habersberger—as an overreaction while underrepresenting the scandal at hand. For example, rather than explaining the affair between Fulmer, the company founder, and his subordinate as a workplace violation and sexual harassment, the skit simply described it as “a consensual kiss between a Try Guy and a Food Baby.”

The skit was not well received by social media. The day after the skit aired, it was uploaded on YouTube, where it currently holds an 83 percent dislike ratio. The gross misrepresentation of the controversy led fans to investigate the situation, where they uncovered a past “Trypod” podcast episode where Fulmer stated that he had a friend writing for SNL. 

Friends and families of the Try Guys expressed displeasure with the SNL skit, with Keith Habersberger’s spouse Becky tweeting out: “[Does] anyone remember the Trypod episode where he talks about his Yale friend who writes for SNL… asking for a friend.” 

However, the Try Guys themselves have not released any official statement on the skit and have continued to upload videos as usual.