Dream face reveal receives undeserved hate


Dream reveals his face (Source: Dream’s YouTube).

Minecraft Youtuber Dream, formerly famous for not revealing his face, finally unmasked himself on Oct. 2. He stated that he “wanted to live more normally and not worry about people revealing his identity.”

Although some of his fans were supportive, many Twitter users hated Dream’s appearances, comparing his face to cartoon characters and tagging hashtags including #HesUgly and #PutTheMaskBackOn.


“Dream is receiving too much hate for no justifiable reason,” J Noh (11), avid Minecraft fan, said. “He looks average and normal, yet people are being too rude to him—as if they expected his face to look absolutely stunning.”

Dream responded in an interview with BuzzFeed that he was not bothered.

“There’s gonna be bad people, people that are going to be mean, so I didn’t take it to heart,” Dream said. “I expected stuff like that.”