MAΘ holds first competition team practice


Sean Kim (10) looks over the problem set for the day.

On Oct. 14, Mu Alpha Theta club held the first practice for its competition team, a selective group of students who will represent SIS in math tournaments throughout the year. The members were determined by a test administered by the club three weeks prior. 

During the first practice, Woojune Kim (12) gave a lecture on combinatorics, covering concepts of enumerative combinatorics, double counting, and bijections. The beginning of the lecture included basic theorems that are commonly used in math competitions.

After explaining each important concept, team members split into groups to solve questions related to the concepts. 

“Although I knew some of the concepts before, I didn’t know the concepts in depth because these are topics that we don’t cover in math courses at school,” Sean Kim (10), an alternative for the Math Competition Team, said. “I think I understood the concepts even better after we solved the problems. I am looking forward to learning new strategies and methods to solve problems.”

The competition team will continue to practice every Friday after school. They are looking to develop their problem-solving skills for future competitions through these practices.