Taylor Swift faces ‘fatphobic’ backlash


Taylor Swift’s “fatphobic” scene

Taylor Swift’s music video for her new song, “Anti-Hero,” received backlash for allegedly displaying “fatphobic” characteristics. This accusation spawned from a scene featuring the singer shaking her head in a bathroom while standing on a scale that displayed the word, “FAT”. 

Critics denounced Swift, expressing that she had made being “fat” seem like an undesirable trait. Many argue that Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” music video promoted eating disorders and that there could have been better ways for Swift to portray her body image struggles. 

“I agree that it was not the most positive scene,” Alex Lee (10), music appreciator, said. “Although I do understand that insulting her fans was most likely not Taylor Swift’s intentions, the scene could have been quite offensive to some—especially to people who suffer from eating disorders or are currently recovering from one.” 

Others in Swift’s defense argued Swift’s defense, stating that she was simply conveying her own insecurities through the music video and did not possess any negative discrepancies in filming and including the scene. 

Many also claimed that it is important that influencers like Taylor Swift speak up about their journeys with disorders like anorexia so that awareness of these subjects could further be raised.

“I honestly think that people should not be hating on Swift for this,” Sophia Lim (10), Taylor Swift fan, said. “Swift has mentioned that she has eating disorders, more specifically, body dysmorphia, multiple times in the past, and she was just reflecting on the hardships she has had with these issues through this song. The music video illustrates a personal matter, not a view she holds against others.” 

As a response to these accusations, Swift removed the scene from the music video on Apple Music and YouTube a day after its official release. Many fans expressed frustration at the hate projected toward the singer and were saddened to see that Swift had surrendered to the negative responses. 

“It is really sad that Taylor Swift felt the need to edit the scene out,” Olivia Park (10), Swift fan, said. “Her music video was fine the way it was, and I truly do not understand why so many people left her hate comments for that one scene. She was not trying to offend anyone but rather exhibit her own journey with self-criticism.”